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I run a poll in my Facebook group every six months or so to find out about how people are feeling.

The last poll asked the following question: What are your top three menopause symptoms, the ones that impact of the quality of your life?

I found the results sad and shocking. 29 people stated they had a loss or lack of joy. Another six people stated they felt worthless. Many found it difficult to choose only three symptoms. The other comments give further insight into what it’s like for millions of women trying to work through their menopause.

Ignorance can no longer be an excuse.

Here are the results:

Brain fog 261 votes

Inability to remain asleep 212 votes

Anxiety 186 votes

Putting on weight 158 votes

Hot flushes 133 votes

Joint pain 129 votes

Low libido 107 votes

Exhaustion 89 votes

Insomnia 59 votes

Muscular pains 56 votes

Itchy skin 53 votes

Night sweats 32 votes

Loss or lack of joy 29 votes

Migraines 26 votes

Reflux/digestive issues 20 votes

Dry itchy eyes 19 votes

Depression 15 votes

Impatience or outbursts 10 votes

Dry mouth 9 votes

Vertigo feelings 6 votes

Feeling worthless 6 votes

Palpitations 5 votes

Facial skin sagging 4 votes

Dry itchy scalp 3 votes

Verbatim comments that women made on the post:

Extreme tiredness above all!

Difficult to choose just one!

Just three ???

All of them!

A mixture of all!

I had to choose 4.

Had to choose loads!

Just three? What about rage?

All of these in one go!

All of them at different times, at different levels throughout the day. The loss of words is a huge one.

Exhaustion is an understatement.

I’ve selected many more than three.

Currently reflux, fatigue, and palpitations but that could well change?

Before HRT, anxiety, brain fog, and my absolute worst, paranoia.

Anxiety is such a struggle.

I get all of these at different times.

It’s hard to know what’s what as I’ve got menopause and ME at the same time so some symptoms could be either.

All of the above.

Can I pick more than three?

Most of all of the above plus mood swings and anger. It feels like someone is taking over my thought process and my actions, reactions, and responses.

Probably only a couple that I wouldn’t include there. I’m a mess.

Anxiety, exhaustion, and acid reflux.

Only three?

I think I pressed all but three!

All of them!

Mine is joint pain and insomnia, but I do have some sweats and migraines,

It’s like a game of bingo. I would have a full house, I have them all.

Yes I agree, definitely full house.

Pretty much all of them.

Yes all of them too for me.

Can I say all of them?

Impossible to choose only three, so many have had a significant impact. To see everything on the list like this, I feel like it’s an achievement to get through the day.

So flipping hard to narrow this down to 3 when all of the above are affecting my daily life at the moment!

Could these women work for you?

This is the real impact of menopause on women and their ability to work through this life event that affects 100% of women. When you read these comments think of the women in your own organisation and how they might be feeling.  If you aren’t educating everybody about menopause then you have a huge gap in your wellbeing strategy.

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