The Story Behind Miss Menopause

Welcome to Miss Menopause

Miss Menopause has been created to fill the void of educational services needed by women as they reach the menopause.
As a young woman school played a part in our wellbeing education. Most women will tell you that they had “the chat” to teach us what was about to happen to our bodies as we reached puberty.
Sadly in 2017 it’s estimated only 3% of companies across the UK are educating their workforce about the symptoms the menopause may bring.
So why does it matter?
Since 1971 there has been an ongoing decline in men working full time while the opposite is true of women. It’s estimated that in 15 years time the amount of full time working women will equal that of men. The changes to pensionable age brought about in 2010 also mean more women are  working for longer than ever before. This trend is set to continue.
Who is affected?
100% of all women will go through the menopause. Whether they have had children or not, all women will go through this phase in their life. The average age for the menopause is 51 in the UK, however some symptoms may begin many years before and can last up to a decade or more postmenopause too. Mental health issues can often arise due to the menopause.
How might this affect me?
It’s estimated that £7million is lost in absenteeism, however that’s not the problem. It’s estimated there are over 280 million days lost to presenteeism. So you won’t find data on this problem as it’s currently hidden. As our workforce ages this is set to increase.
What can be done?
Educate all of your workforce about this subject. There is an opportunity to educate HR departments who may want to review their wellbeing policies. Educate your managers who need to understand where this fits into diversity and how to work with their people. Most importantly to educate your women as to what to expect and how to deal with this time in their life.
If you care about your workforce and you want to get the best from the talent you employ then you need to get in touch…
Warmest regards,
Sharon MacArthur
Menopause Educator
British Menopause Society Member

Miss Menopause educates employers, and employees of businesses large or small about what to expect regarding the menopause, and how best to manage it. This is not a medical service but an informative, fun and interactive way of learning about this subject. Find out more about our specialist service options...

Sharon MacArthur, Menopause Educator