Inclusive Menopause Education For All In The Workplace

Ignorance can no longer be an excuse

Miss Menopause works across every business sector, private and public, serving many global organisations, to deliver menopause awareness training and menopause education for all.

Who I've Worked With


Working across every business sector, private and public , serving many global organisations. Here are some of the organisations I’ve worked with…

Where I've Appeared

In my efforts to raise awareness about the menopause and how it affects people, I have appeared on TV, radio and in the media all over the country. 

What I Do

I work with employers to support everyone going through menopause. From group awareness training to HR-specific sessions, I help both public and private organisations to become better employers and improve the workplace for everyone. I work with you to help make your workplace menopause inclusive.

Menopause Masterclasses

- Educational sessions to get your people talking
- Tailored to your audience
- Live online and face to face

Webinars & Bitesize Learning

- Fun interactive sessions for everyone in your organisation
- Tailored to suit your audience
- Live, online and face to face

Speaking Events

If you want to spice up your next well-being event then book Sharon MacArthur who will delight and engage your audience with facts and fun.

She has appeared on national TV BBC Breakfast. Victoria Derbyshire and ITN News. She is also a regular on BBC Radio.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is a life event that will impact everyone in some way. A minority will have little or no symptoms however most will find menopause has an impact on the quality of their lives.

Women over 50 are the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace. The average age of menopause in the UK is 51 however symptoms can occur many years before. 

felt unprepared for menopause (Avon Too Little Information)
0 %
said they were less able to concentrate (CIPD)
0 %
hide their menopause symptoms from their employer (Vodafone)
0 /3
felt their performance was negatively impacted by menopause (Gen M invisibility report)
0 %
of women leave their job during menopause transition (Dr Louise Newson)
0 %
What my clients say...
"Incredible session - thank you to all. So much resonated with me, huge lightbulb moments throughout."
What my clients say...
"This has been so eye opening and something that I can use with great tools and resources and insights!!"
What my clients say...
"Enlightening informative inspiration and bringing humour and honesty - I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this session. Thank you."
What my clients say...
"I have attended (and indeed sponsored) many events on the subject in a previous life, but I have to say that was the best session by far. Sharon’s friendly, open and informal style is ideally suited for bringing what many consider to be the ‘last taboo’ subject to a wider audience. I can’t praise this enough. "
What my clients say...
"Thank you - Fab session - will think of this next time I'm feeling "Meh" (smile) and promote this "issue""
What my clients say...
"Thank you so much - what a great session - I love your straight talking"
What my clients say...
"Thank you Sharon and EYWN. This has been one of the best session that I have attended on this subject."
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Talent drain is one of the biggest risks to organisations making them less diverse over time… Why investing in menopause is good for business?

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