Miss Menopause

Inclusive Education for all in the Workplace – Ignorance can no longer be an excuse.

Miss Menopause is targeting the menopause and educating organisations about change. THE CHANGE. The menopause is the last taboo. It’s an event that will affect 100% of women yet only 3% of organisations in the UK are educating their workforce. Miss Menopause has been set up to educate HR professionals, managers and working women in an informative, fun and engaging way. To find out more contact sharon@missmenopause.co.uk or call me 07793 291 409 I’d love to hear from you.

Sharon MacArthur, Menopause Educator

Menopause Awareness and Training Services

I work with employers to support women going through menopause. From group awareness training to HR-specific sessions, I help both public and private organisations to become better employers and improve the workplace for everyone. 

Miss Menopause for All

Is menopause the last taboo? Find out more about how it could affect you…

Miss Menopause for Managers

Would you know how to support a team member going through the menopause? We will educate you on how to best help…

Miss Menopause for HR Professionals

Do you know employment law around the menopause? We educate HR Professionals to help manage menopausal employees…

Who I've Worked With


Working across every business sector, private and public , serving many global organisations. Here are some of the organisations I’ve worked with…

Where I've Appeared

"Incredible session - thank you to all. So much resonated with me, huge lightbulb moments throughout."
"This has been the most engaging webinar I have ever attended, such useful information."
"This has been so eye opening and something that I can use with great tools and recourses and insights!!"
"Enlightening informative inspirational and bringing humour and honesty - I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this session. Thank you"

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